Welcome to my online portfolio !


FINALLY, I have taken the time to create my own page and must say I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! Well, where do I start. I mentioned earlier in a post on Facebook that I'm soon to deliver my bachelor submission at Southampton Solent University (SSU). My time in UK has been absolutely amazing, I've learned so much about myself both personally and as a graphic designer.

SSU has given me great confidence and a lot of positive experiences. During the academic year, I took part in no less than four design competitions, where I was the lucky winner of two: "SolentTV - Branding Competition" and "Esquire - Promotional Poster".

"SolentTV Branding Competition" was a team competition. And with a talented friend of mine, Tommy Larsen, we managed to create the best solution. We worked closely with SolentTV in a month and delivered a complete visual identity.

"Esquire - Promotional Poster" was a competition in first semester. David McKendrick, creative director of Esquire, was having a talk at our school and the assignment was to promote him. My poster was lucky to be chosen by Mr. McKendrick, which also resulted in an internship. This is absolutely the biggest event in my career so far . It is simply a dream come true! In August I will be living the life in London and as part of one of the world's largest men's magazine.  

During the final semester I have participated in two other competitions: "RSA Student Awards" and "D&AD Blood Awards". These are very big competitions in the UK as students from all around the world participates. I have not been awarded in those competitions, but I'm left with good experiences and sense of achievement!

And last but not least, I will mention that I have been offered a permanent position as a graphic designer and web designer at ACOS AS, where I start in June! 2014 has a lot to offer, and I'm ready for new and exciting challenges.

I hope you like the website and my new design. I will try to update the blog, Facebook and Instagram (@khgrafisk) regularly and when there is something new and exciting going on!


Big smile from me!